Ready to become the CEO of your health?

Fountain Life’s Apex Membership offers exclusive access to unparalleled diagnostics and concierge medicine that allows you to achieve peak performance and maximize your lifespan.

Putting the health back in “health care”:

Fountain Life was conceived when the world’s foremost thought leaders in business, health, and science joined forces in a solitary vision: to create a new approach to health care that is more proactive than reactive. Our mastermind team of dynamic visionaries rely on the secrets of stamina, performance, and longevity to achieve our own monumental success – and are now channeling that energy into disrupting a tired status quo and giving you access to our healthcare network.

Fountain Life takes a revolutionary approach to health and performance optimization. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to gain insights into the human body that have never been possible before, our data-first mindset allows us to find and address cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases before they can influence your lifespan and vitality.

As a result, members live at their pinnacle. They’re able to extend their legacy and enjoy as much time as possible on this planet and with their family. If you want to escape the velocity of aging and live as vibrantly at 100 as you do at 60, congratulations in advance for taking the first step with us on your new health journey.

Your shortcut to longevity:

Fountain Life’s Apex membership is the first of its kind; offering annual access to early-detection technology, advanced treatment plans and concierge medical service that turn the tables on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and other looming illnesses.

As a valued Apex member, we are the trusted fiduciary of your health – with our team of physicians, care coordinators and lifestyle experts dedicated to your needs. We’re continually reviewing and adopting the latest advances in biotechnology and medical research, so that we can identify compelling treatments and a custom care plan that will optimize your health and performance.

Your annual Apex Membership includes:

Focused on the future you:

Most precision diagnostic centers and doctors are focused on evaluating and treating you now.

Instead, Fountain Life is constantly thinking about how we can improve your future. Our Apex membership is like owning a Tesla – every year, your health and our services just keep getting better.

The answers you want at the speed you deserve:

You shouldn’t assume your doctors and lifestyle coaches have all the right answers.

Whether you're on a journey to renew your health, or expand and optimize it, Fountain Life is here to be your guide. We’re here to give you the answers you need; to the questions you may or may not already be asking.

Proactive care from anywhere:

All of our diagnostics and therapies take place in our exclusive, luxurious Fountain Life Centers, which offer top-tier concierge service among technologically advanced facilities.

With Fountain Life Centers opening around the world, our Apex plan is a global membership. Our full suite of services and medical care will be available exclusively to members, no matter where your career or travels take you.

Apex Membership FAQ: